Direct Sales For Introverts

Direct Sales For Introverts

“Oh, I’d never be good at direct sales — I’m way too introverted for that!” 

Does this sound like something you’ve heard from others … or something you’d think of yourself? In a people-oriented business like direct sales, it’s understandable that introverts are often quick to conclude that someone more outgoing will be more successful.  

An “introverted salesperson” can feel like an oxymoron, but that’s far from the truth. In reality, both introverts and extroverts bring strengths to a business. Even if you are an introvert, sales can still be for you! 

In this article, we’ll discuss the natural characteristics of introverts that thrive in a direct sales business. We’ll also explore four steps you can take to make you feel more comfortable in front of others. 


Characteristics of An Introvert

Introverts are not all the same, but typically speaking, introverts are those who feel more comfortable spending time with small groups rather than large crowds.

While extroverts become more energized by being around lots of people, introverts often need time on their own to recharge after busy social experiences. That preference makes introverts very independent.

Introverts also tend to focus more on their inner thoughts and feelings rather than on the world around them. This leads many introverts to be naturally reflective.


Introverts in Direct Sales

Outgoing, larger-than-life personalities often seem like a natural fit for a customer-centric business, because those people are comfortable in social settings and can strike up conversations easily. Extroverts absolutely can make great salespeople and leaders, but it’s a myth that the opposite is true of introverts.

In fact, many introverts are great salespeople and team leaders, specifically because of their introverted characteristics.

Introverts often reflect on situations rather than jumping right into a conversation or gathering, which typically makes them great listeners. This can be very helpful in a direct sales team, because it gives room for others in the team to share their opinions and ideas, and allows the introvert to reflect on all perspectives before taking action.

The more reserved nature of an introvert also can help customers, hosts, prospective recruits, and current team members feel more at ease. The introverted personality is sometimes seen as less pushy or threatening, especially to fellow introverts, which makes it more likely that others will feel comfortable relating to them and joining their team.

Introverts are a natural fit with direct sales specifically because of their independent nature. While direct sales teams are often tight-knit and cooperative, successful direct sales consultants ultimately work independently, connecting with their network as independent consultants.

The flexible schedule of a direct sales business, where the introvert can be his or her own boss, also fits well with an independent nature.


The Middle Ground of Business

When we think about introverts, it’s easy to think in black or white terms: extrovert or introvert. Extroversion is a spectrum, however, with people falling at varying degrees between two extremes. The majority of us are what’s considered an “ambivert” — neither particularly introverted or extroverted, but somewhere in between.

Best-selling author Daniel H. Pink shared in The Washington Post that ambiverts are typically the most successful personality type in business. In a study completed by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Management, ambivert salespeople outsold extroverts by 24%! This is because they are able to use the strengths of both introverted and extroverted personalities to connect more easily to a broader range of people.


Tips for Success as an Introvert

Whether you are an ambivert or a true introvert looking to build a business in direct sales, you may find yourself beyond your comfort zone at times. How can you succeed in a business based on direct sales parties, when parties aren’t really your thing? If this seems like an insurmountable hurdle, you’ll be happy to know there are a number of steps you can take to party like an introvert and get more sales.


#1 – Pick Your Passion

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to talk about the things you love most? When we’re truly passionate about something, we have no shortage of things to say!

Likewise, when you choose to represent products that you are truly passionate about, it’s much easier to start conversations about your business. Choosing the right product for you and your lifestyle — and then developing a deep knowledge of your product line — makes it much easier to see how your products can fit into your customers’ lives.


#2 – Avoid “Stranger Danger”

For many introverts, the idea of a home party is a daunting one. It involves spending time in a near-stranger’s home, and learning to feel confident speaking in front of a group of people you don’t know. All eyes are on you!

If just reading that is making your heart beat faster, you may want to consider building your direct sales business through online selling instead! Connecting with others from the comfort of your own home can limit overstimulation and give introverts more opportunities to focus on their customers without the usual energy drain.


#3 – Minimize Your “Live” Time

Online platforms that require you to go live for your party can feel a lot more intimidating to an introvert who doesn’t love being “on stage.” A live broadcast trusts that you will have the right words to say at the right moment without a lot of careful thought or reflection time. You can embarrass yourself just as easily in a live video as in person!

It can be helpful to look for platforms that allow you to interact in other ways that don’t have the extroverted expectations of live video. For example, Sqweee is a virtual party platform that allows you to schedule your party content in advance. You can pre-record your videos so that you have time to get your message exactly right, without feeling on the spot, then you can easily re-use them in your future parties. Or you can use videos recorded by your team leader, your friends, or your home office.

Designed specifically for supporting direct sales, Sqweee also includes a real-time group chat, for an engaged conversation that lets you interact with your party guests while also enjoying the comfort of being behind the screen. As your scheduled party content posts automatically, you’ll have the space you need to focus on your guests instead.


#4 – Keep the Focus on Your Products

In direct sales parties, it’s really your products that are the star — not you! If you are feeling a little too in-the-spotlight, look for more ways to highlight your products! Keeping the focus on your guests and which products can best meet their needs goes a long way to making an introvert feel comfortable in a crowd.

In Sqweee, keeping the focus on your products is simple — they are featured alongside every post, and your guests can build their own list of favorite products by starring the ones they like best as they go through the party. You’ll be able to see what they star and use that information to help them find more products they might like.

People love to talk about themselves, and you can use engagement questions and games to give them the opportunity to do so! Sqweee’s interactive post types, like the spinning wheel or even just a survey question, are easy, engaging ways to add a touch of personality without personally being in the spotlight.


Fitting Your Business to You

As an introvert, you have a number of inherent characteristics that will be great strengths in direct sales! There are also tools and technologies available that can help you find success without pushing you too far beyond your personality. What matters most is finding what works for you! With Sqweee, you can feel comfortable being solo in your living room, while hosting guests in a virtual living room! Try out a free trial today!

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