welcome to sqweee

The virtual venue for direct sales events.

Social media parties pose serious challenges. 

Have you found yourself:

  • Worrying about your account getting blocked?
  • Hoping the algorithms will actually show your posts?
  • Trying to be heard through the distraction of ads and notifications?
  • Needing to go back through all the posts to follow up with guests?
  • Working harder than ever and still seeing declining sales?

there's a better way to party:

SqweeeventsFacebook Parties
Guests don't need an account to attendGuests need a Facebook account to attend
Guests are in a unique venue where they can focus on your presentation`Guests are in a platform that is filled with distractions
Conversation takes place in a real-time group chatConversation is fragmented across separate posts
During the party, everyone sees the same post at the same timeParty posts can get jumbled and guests see them at different times
Guests can star the products they like to build a list of favorites linked to the shopping siteGuests must keep track of the products they like on their own outside of the platform
Guest conversations, actions, and results are saved for easy and error-free followupConsultants need to track down who said what, or who won prizes after the fact
Content can be easily reused and shared from within the plaformReusing and sharing content requires the use of paid third-party tools
Content can be reused and shared without fear of consequencesRepeated use of content can lead to account blocking AKA "Facebook Jail"
You can get personalized support quickly in case of questions or issuesCustomer support on Facebook is limited and often unreachable
Virtual confetti! 🎉No confetti 👎

sqweee vs. facebook: what’s the difference?

Social media platforms weren’t designed for direct sales parties. They’re full of ads and distractions, their algorithms cause all sorts of trouble, and they lack the tools you need to work efficiently. 

Today, there’s Sqweee — a platform built specifically for direct sales. Sqweee blends the social aspects of a home party with the convenience of being online. 

Think of a “Sqweeevent” as a party in your host’s living room, but online. It’s quite a bit different than what you’ve experienced on social media! 

a better way to sell online

 Sqweee helps you better connect with your guests at all three stages of your event:

pre-party: invite guests & collect RSVPs

  • Guests use a single link to submit their RSVP, and then to attend the party, all in their browser — no accounts or apps needed.
  • Add a survey to your RSVP to learn about your guests’ interests ahead of time.
  • Create your own party template, reuse one from a past party, or import a shared template.

party time: engage & inform guests

  • Posts play out automatically so you can focus on the conversation.
  • Run multiple parties at once to maximize your efficiency!
  • Everyone sees the same post at the same time and chats about it as a group like they would in person
  • Watch as your guests star their favorite products, which are linked to your personal website for easy shopping.
  • Make your party more engaging with interactive posts and impromptu celebrations, like a prize wheel and virtual confetti.
  • Or, switch to a drop-in event, where guests can pop in whenever it’s most convenient.

after-party: make sales & build relationships

  • After the party ends, leave the doors open as long as you want so guests who arrived late or couldn’t make it can see your posts, build their favorites lists, and shop from your party.
  • Following up with guests is easy with a guided checklist and loads of info on prizes won, survey responses, favorite products, public and private chats, contact info, and more — all in one place!

once you've partied in our virtual living room, you'll never want to do another social media party again!