welcome to your new virtual party room!

Now, you can ditch the hassles of partying in person or on social media. Switch to a platform built for people like you! Sqweee helps you sell more with less effort — all from the comfort of home.

spend less time

Create events quickly, run multiple parties simultaneously, and view guest info easily.

sell more

Make shopping easier and more fun for your customers, with products linked to your shopping site.

build a bigger team

Get new consultants started quickly with shared event templates and scheduled posting.

have more fun

Enjoy lively, engaging parties free from algorithms and distractions.

our main features


Manage all your parties from a central dashboard where you can see guest counts and other party details at a glance.

rsvp page

Your guests can RSVP, sign up for event reminders, and answer survey questions to help you prepare for the party.

party room

A truly social venue where everyone watches the same content together and stars their favorite products for easy shopping.

event info page

Follow-up is easy when your guests’ contact info and party interactions are all saved, with a handy checklist for you to follow.