Are you a direct sales consultant?

Have I got just the thing for YOU!

Sqweee offers a whole new way to sell your company's products through online events.

If you are a direct seller who uses social media to sell products, you already know it provides a convenient way to reach new customers worldwide.

But you’ve probably also had to come up with creative ways to overcome the fact that social media platforms were never built to host direct sales events.

Now there's a better way:


Sqweee is designed by direct sellers for direct sellers.

We’ve loaded our new “virtual venue” with exclusive features that will make your work easier, and your online sales events more fun — and more profitable.

At their essence, “Sqweeevents” are a series of posts of graphics and videos, just like the social media events you may already be used to.

You can:

consultant - chat by text

Chat with individual guests and the whole group

consultant - schedule posts

Schedule posts ahead of time or control them manually

consultant - post types

Have fun with polls and other new post types

consultant - favorites

Sqweee helps you transition event guests from product demo to order placement.

As your customers watch your presentations and spot products they want to purchase, they can easily flag them as Favorites right when the impulse is strongest.

When the event ends, each guest will receive a personalized Favorites List. Every favorited product will be on that list, along with a direct link to purchase it — not through Sqweee, but through your own personal sales site!

Behind the scenes, Sqweee's consultant dashboard is where you:

Upload Graphics

Link to Videos on YouTube and YouTube Live

consultant - behind the scenes

Build and Schedule Event Timelines

Create Games and Polls

Everything you create can be saved, reused, repurposed, and shared with team members, all through Sqweee!

We've built the easiest, friendliest RSVP and event entry process possible.

Because none of this matters if your guests don’t ever make it to the party!

There are two ways to RSVP for an event on Sqweee:

1. Clicking a direct link

2. Entering a code on the Sqweee home page

Choose either method, or give out both the link and code and let them decide!

During the RSVP process, your guests can choose to receive reminders about your event, sent automatically by Sqweee. You can also give them a survey to help you prepare for the event.

When it’s party time, your guests will use the same link or code to join the event.

Your guests don’t need to download software, have a social media account or set up a Sqweee account. In fact, they aren’t required to enter any private information at all! And, of course, Sqweee is free for all hosts and guests!

consultant - reminder icon

Bottom line: Sqweee is a new way of holding online direct sales events that lets you run your business better, easier, and more profitably than ever before. Sqweee!!!